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Who is cedar invests exactly? How does it work?

Cedar invests is a leading financial investment management firm. We help you plan your financial goals and recommend smart investment choices, so that you save time and gain peace of mind, knowing that your money is working for you. We’re a fiduciary, which means we put your interests first.
When you open an account with cedar invests our team of professional fund managers handles your portfolio, while giving you control over how much risk you take on. All of our portfolio strategies are globally diversified and built using index-tracking exchange-traded funds (ETFs). We pick the funds for you, making recommendations that control costs and taxes. We also automatically take care of things like portfolio re-balancing and  reinvesting dividends.
When you make a deposit, we invest all of your money automatically, trading fractional shares for you in the background. That means there’s no extra step to turn your cash into investments.

How is cedar invests regulated to keep investors’ money safe?

Cedar invests offers advice as a fiduciary, and we help you manage your money. We do this as a legal entity —cedar investment management Ltd., which is registered and incorporated as a financial investment firm in the United kingdom. Cedar invests is registered in the US by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with CIK#: 0001589509 Insuring investors deposit security up to £100,000,000.
Note that CSIRC insurance does not protect against market changes in your account (EQUITY FUNDS).

What investments does cedar invests offer?

For each of your financial goals, cedar invests recommends a specific investing in mutual funds, stock to-bond allocation as our recommended portfolio management strategy. This portfolio strategy is designed to reflect the total world market to help maximize expected returns while minimizing risk. Alternatively, you can also select from our three other investment plan which might match your investing views.

How do I move my money to cedar invests?

There are two primary ways to move money to cedar invests:
By transferring funds from your bank account, and
By linking a bank account to make cash deposits.
If you roll over 401(k) or IRA assets to cedar invests, your previous provider will typically sell the investments with no tax consequence and transfer the cash value to cedar invests.
In addition to transfers, any customer can link their bank account to cedar invests,  To help prevent fraud, cedar invests customers can link only one bank account at a time for deposits. You can sync as many bank accounts as you wish to simply see all your assets in one place.

What type of accounts does cedar invests offer?

Cedar invests helps you pursue many different financial goals. One way we do this is by offering different account types and investment plan that align with your goals. We also offer joint accounts for partners and spouses. For your retirement savings, you can open IRAs. To help you make plans for your beneficiaries, we also support trust accounts.

How long has Cedar Invests been in existence?

Cedar investment management Ltd. has been in existence for over 15 years in North America, (USA and Cayman island) and Incorporated in Bermuda in 2005. the headquarter was finally moved to Coventry in UK upon incorporation by Companies house UK in 2013.

If cedar invests has been in existence for 15 years why then is the Companies website so young?

The companies previous website is which is now outdated, we launched a New platform which is easily accessible by our clients from anywhere in the world and alot more faster and secured to use.

How can I get help when I need it?

We work hard to offer many insightful resources and help articles to let you access the help you need. We also have a knowledgeable Customer Support Team available 5 days a week to help answer your questions about cedar invests and your account. We offer phone, email, and unlimited chat availability. Sign up today to get started and contact us with your additional questions